Impact and Policy Research Review (IPRR) | e-ISSN: 2583-3464
Volume 1, Issue 1 (January to June 2022)

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1Title:India’s communities show self-reliant pathways out of COVID, but is its government listening?1-6Full Text PDF
Author(s):Ashish Kothari
2Title:How has COVID-19 Transformed the Gig Economy in India?7-11Full Text PDF
Author(s):Vivek Kumar
Policy Perspectives
3Title:Beyond hard interventions: (Co)managing COVID wastes in urban peripheries12-29Full Text PDF
Author(s):Amit Kumar Das, Jenia Mukherjee
4Title:What Can Really Explain the Inter-state Variations in COVID-19 Outcomes in India?30-45Full Text PDF
Author(s):M. Dinesh Kumar, Saurabh Kumar, Nitin Bassi, Ajath Sanjeev, Sujit Raman
Special Articles
5Title:Securing the Upside: Pandemic Teaching and Learning Success Themes and Go-Forward Policy46-56Full Text PDF
Author(s):Cliff Zintgraff, Megha Nangia, Uttam Panda, Gargi Sharma, Sadaf Siddiqi, Sampada Pachaury
Young Voices
6Title:Modular Open-Source Identity Platform (MOSIP)57-62Full Text PDF
Author(s):Rohit Mehta, Arjun Kumar, Swati Solanki
Book Review
7Title:Foraging an Audacious City: A Participatory Perspective63-65Full Text PDF
Author(s):Mahalaya Chatterjee
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