India's Energy security and Renewable energy sector growth How far India reached till now

India’s Energy Security and Renewable energy Sector Growth: How far India reached till now?

Aditi[1] [1] Research Scholar, Dept. of HSS, Indian Institute of Technology Patna, BiharEmail: Title: India’s Energy Security and Renewable energy Sector Growth: How far India reached till now? Author(s): Aditi Keywords: Energy security, Renewable energy generation, Government programs and incentives Issue Date: February15, 2024 Publisher: IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute Abstract: Energy is […]

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Aspirational District Program Data Insights

Aspirational Districts Programme: Data-Driven Catalysis of Grassroots Socio-Economic Improvement

India’s Prime Minister launched the Aspirational Districts Program (ADP) in January 2018. The program covers 112 districts across the country that have historically lagged on socio-economic parameters. This is the first time that a program of this size and scale has been launched by the government with the objective of accelerating progress through improved data-driven governance, robust monitoring, making development a mass movement, working as Team India (Centre and States), and collaborating with stakeholders outside the government. Instead of a large infusion of funds, the program’s emphasis is on better governance for improving outcomes. Forty-nine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been identified under the ADP across 5 sectors. The results are for all to see. A comparison between the Aspirational Districts (ADs) and their counterparts by an independent UNDP Study undertaken in 2021 found that ADs have outperformed non-ADs. In January 2023, the Aspirational Blocks Program was launched to replicate the success of the ADP template across 500 relatively underdeveloped blocks in the country.

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India’s communities show self-reliant pathways out of COVID, but is its government listening?

As news of a strange new viral infection reached it in March 2020, Kunariya village in the Kachchh region of western India swung into action. Even before India’s Prime Minister announced a national lockdown on 24th March, the village had already put into place restrictions on entry and movement, physical distancing, wearing masks, and awareness programmes on staying safe.

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