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Impact and Policy Research Review (IPRR) | e-ISSN: 2583-3464
Volume 1, Issue 2 (July to December 2022)

Right from its inception in 2022, the Impact and Policy Research Review has aimed to promote scientific research for broadening the understanding of the processes of development. The articles use a blend of theory and data analysis to understand the prospects and challenges of developmental issues from an economic, political, and sociological perspective. In the current issue, attempts have been made to highlight and address the challenges thrown up by COVID-19, several of which have impacted the goal of sustainable and inclusive development in India with implications for other developing countries bearing the brunt of COVID-19.  The development discourses are ripe with the evidence of exclusionary policies oblivious to the needs and priorities of women and therefore, their disproportionate burdens, especially following the onset of COVID-19. Three articles address the women-centric disparate issues including the gendered impacts of COVID-19 and sexual harassment. The ‘Young Voice’ sections, apart from delving deep into these developmental challenges, also evaluate the rhetoric of current government policies. The ‘Book Review’ sections enrich our understanding of the complexities of urban policy-making In India with implications for sustainable and inclusive urban development. Overall, the current issue is a collection of interdisciplinary contributions. The articles offer useful as well as critical perspectives on developmental challenges. They further suggest plausible policy-making options to address these challenges. We hope the readers benefit from the articles in their quest to engage in debates on the development necessary for securing a sustainable future.

We thank the Journal Advisory Board and Editorial Review Committee for their enthusiastic support for the journal. We congratulate the authors for their insightful and well-researched articles. We also congratulate the IPRR Secretariat for their hard work and for setting solid foundations of high editorial standards for the journal.

With Gratitude,
Impact and Policy Research Review (IPRR)

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