Impact and Policy Research Review (IPRR) | e-ISSN: 2583-3464
Volume 2, Issue 1 (January to June 2023)

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1Title:Documenting Global Best Practices of Monitoring and Evaluation Using Technological Tools1-5Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Radha R Ashrit, Ishaan Sharma
2 Title:Aspirational District Program: Data-Driven Catalysis of Grassroots Socio-Economic Improvement6-11Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Saurabh Rishi, Urvashi Prasad, Shashank Shah, Radha R. Ashrit
3Title:COVID-19 and Healthcare in India: Call for Building up System-Level Resilience12-17Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Vinita Chandra, Shail Shankar
Policy Perspectives
4Title:The State of Indian Statistical System: Evolution and Challenges18-51Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Arjun Kumar
Title:Bridging Women, Peace & Security with Feminist Foreign Policy52-57Full-Text PDF
5Author(s):Simi Mehta, Vibhuti Patel, Satyam Tripathi
Special Articles
6Title:A Detailed Study on Financial Inclusion of The Gond Tribes in Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu58-75Full-Text PDF
Author(s):K. Nupur Temani, Senthil Kumar M, Balamurugan S, Brathikan V. M
7Title:Women’s Associations and Political Participation: The Role of Jeevika in Women’s Political Participation76-84Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Sidhant Kumar
8Title: Key Pathways to Developing a Participatory Theory of Change for System Change Tracking: A Practice-Oriented Toolkit for Enabling an Evaluation Culture85-101Full-Text PDF
Author(s):B. Rajeshwari, Meena Vaidyanathan
Young Voices
9Title:Fishery Trade in the Trap of Pirates of the Sea102-108Full-Text PDF
10Title:Dance of the Nations: Old Problems and New Realities109-114Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Akash Kumar
11Title:Perception of Youth on Domestic Violence115-117Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Barsha Chattaraj
Book Review
12Title: Migration, Gender and Home Economics in Rural North India118-120Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Chandrika Arya