Impact and Policy Research Review (IPRR) | e-ISSN: 2583-3464
Volume 2, Issue 2 (July to December 2023)

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1Title:India’s Energy Security and Renewable energy Sector Growth: How far India reached till now?1-5Full-Text PDF
2 Title:Question of Delimitation: New Parliament Building and Old Regional Fault Lines6-9Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Amod Moharil
Policy Perspectives
3Title:Assessing the Impact of Kanyashree Prakalpa on the Social Development of West Bengal10-20Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Joy Karmakar
4Title:Policy as a Discourse: An Exploration of Assisted Reproductive Technology Regulations in India21-30Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Suparba Sil
5Title:The Need And Implications Of A Tobacco Awareness Programme: Under the directives of the COTPA (Cigarette and Other Tobacco Product Act) of 2003 and Tobacco Free Youth Campaign of 202331-42Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Apoorv Agarwal
Book Review
6Title:#CityReflections: Singularities of Municipal Finance by Sameer Unhale43-48Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Purnima Chauhan
Special Articles
7Title:Estimation of Regional Economic Accounts at the City Level: Studying the Case of City GDP for Thane49-71Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Arjun Kumar, Sameer Unhale, Soumyadip Chattopadhyay, Anshula Mehta
8Title: Women Reservation Act, 2023 and Participation of Women in the Electoral Politics of India72-85Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Vibhuti Patel
9Title:Community Participation in Rural Healthcare System: A Narrative Review86-103Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Manoranjan Mohapatra
10Title:Sustainable Tourism At Lonar Lake In Maharashtra: A Geopark Approach104-119Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Archana Mishra, Rekha Maitra
Young Voices
11Title:An Analysis of the Plastic Policy in the Global South120-124Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Riya Pawar, Abhiniti Gupta
12Title: Unveiling the Exclusion: Exploring India’s Urbanization Experience and its Effect on Marginalized Communities125-128Full-Text PDF
Author(s):Arslan Wali Khan